Available now: The Holistic Diabetes Self-Management Program (HDSMP)

Well & Kind's ten-week mindfulness-based diabetes self-management program is the first of its kind, created for use in a clinical group-education setting. It meets the standards set forth by the American Association of Diabetes Educators for diabetes self-management, and is medically reviewed by a physician. It is the only program on the market to provide step-by-step scripts and visual presentations for program facilitators, strategies for incentivizing participation and retention in the program, community-building activities for participants, and built-in cultural relevancy tools to ensure that the program has the most meaning possible for learners. If you are in need of evidence-based, easy-to-implement health guidance for your clinic, hospital, church, school, nonprofit, or corporate health manager, contact Well & Kind to get started. 

Announcement: Well & Kind’s HDSMP is now available in Spanish!

Our ten-week mindfulness-based diabetes self-management program has now been fully translated to Latin-American Spanish for use with a broader audience—now all program materials, including facilitator guides, visual presentations, and educational materials are available in Spanish! Contact Well & Kind to find out more about bringing holistic diabetes education to Spanish speaking learners. 

Coming in 2019: a 100% online Holistic Diabetes Self-Management Program

Well & Kind’s Holistic Diabetes Self-Management Program is evolving to a learner-centered, 100% online holistic diabetes self-management to be accessed by learners anywhere they have an internet connection—-diabetes self-management skills, health coaching and contemplative practices will be accessed on-the-go, anytime of day, from anywhere in the world. Get on the mailing list by contacting Well & Kind to be the first to know when Body & Mind: Diabetes launches.