About Well & Kind

Well & Kind provides: coaching to help you redesign your health and make it last; curriculum which is evidence-based and provides the knowledge needed to manage your health at every age; and contemplative practices that help you find the time and space needed to make real changes to your health. The custom health education and coaching that Well & Kind creates is aimed at bettering quality of life for all of us—healthier individuals make up healthier communities. We believe that every individual in every community is deserving of health education that meets them where they are.

About Molly Whittaker, RN— Founder

Molly Whittaker is a Registered Nurse and Certified Health Coach with a clinical background in endocrinology and primary care, as well as inpatient medical-surgical, telemetry, sexual assault, executive health, and disaster response-pediatric settings. The health programs that Molly creates are also heavily informed by the internships that she completed with Access Mindfulness (formerly Mindful Schools NYC) and the UC Irvine Health Policy Research Institute.

Molly lives in New Jersey, USA with her family.

About this blog

The health information contained herein is not meant to substitute for the advice of a physician.

Posts are brief because they are meant to be easily understood and assimilated.

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