A mini meditation to begin your week

If you own a bell or a singing bowl, these can make excellent tools for beginning and ending your meditations. If you don't, I recommend that you download Insight Timer--start by setting the timer for just five minutes a day. This is how I built a meditation practice that I have used most days of my life for the last few years.

To start your week, here is a mini mindfulness exercise you can do: settle back in your chair and close your eyes. If you prefer, lower your gaze to the floor just in front of you. Take a deep breath in and feel the air as it moves from your nose down into your body. Envision yourself in your best health. Feel the weight of the week start to lighten as you breathe out.  Take another deep breath in and feel the air leaving your chest. Now just quietly focus on your breath. IF you need a mantra, try 'cool air in, warm air out.'

  With a deep breath in, feel your body fill with excitement and promise for the week ahead of you. Blow this breath out releasing any tension or worry. Again, breathe in deeply. When you breathe out, imagine that your breath is a strong wind carrying kindness to those you know, and those you don't.

Ring your meditation bell or wait for the bell to ding on your app. Try to listen until you can’t hear it anymore, then open your eyes. 

Have a wonderful week.